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Posted By: Will Fly
10-Dec-14 - 01:09 PM
Thread Name: what is a session?
Subject: RE: what is a session?
Well, I'll answer that directly and clearly.

The landlords in my local pub - where the session is now into its 7th year - have changed three times. Three separate sets of people coming in and taking over. None of them had any idea what a music session was. They thought that, for it to continue, they would have to pay us money and we would have to entertain the customers. Which they were all, without exception, unwilling to do. However, when I've explained that it was purely a fun thing - a regular musical party, if you like - for a regular group of people, and that no money need change hands, they've all been very happy with that. And no obligation on our part to be public entertainers once a month. And so the session continues - and actually is very popular with the locals - and brings in good money for the pub on a dead night of the week. Clear?

If the punters in my village pub - most of whom I've known for years - really objected to the music, they'd say so! I repeat, the session is not immediately and directly for the benefit of the bar customers. I play regular gigs in and around Brighton. They're all paid, and well paid, and me and my mate Chris play for the customers and try and please them and the landlord as much as we can. If we didn't do that, we wouldn't get the gigs.

What's arrogant about that? It's horses for courses. If you can't see the difference between me giving important information to a new landlord about why I hope he'll keep a session going - and dictating to him what he should or shouldn't do - then you need your head examining. I've been playing music of one sort or another in pubs for nearly 50 years, and I'm very clear about the dynamics of dealing with landlords!