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Posted By: Rapparee
09-Dec-14 - 09:41 PM
Thread Name: Marching song/Cadence Count
Subject: RE: Marching song/Cadence Count
We did several cadences at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO back in 1963. I was in Charlie (C) Company, Second Battalion, Second Training Regiment (Basic) or C-2-2. One went like this:

SGT: Count cadence delayed cadence count cadence count! (left footfall on the first word)

      FOUR!    (left footfall on each word)
      ONE TWO THREE FOUR (a footfall on each word, with the left foot being the odd numbers)
      CHARLIE TWO TWO!!   (left foot on first and second Charlie, left-right-left on the last phrase).

One of the most difficult things was to keep step during the "march past" after JFK's assassination was announced to us. When you are used to 120 steps per minute going to half that makes you stumble around -- especially when no one had ever done that before. Trying to tote an M-1 rifle at reverse arms at the same time made it bloody difficult and even the band couldn't help.