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Posted By: Joe Offer
31-Oct-14 - 12:14 AM
Thread Name: Let's update 'Sensitive New Age Guys'
Subject: ADD: 'Sensitive New Age Guys' (2012)
(Christine Lavin - as she sang it in 2012)

Who like to talk about their feelings?
Sensitive New-Age Guys
Who knows if you kiss a booboo it will start healing?...
Whose dream car is a hybrid stationwagon?...
Whose favorite song is "Puff the Magic Dragon"?...

Who like to cry at weddings?
Who think that football is so very upsetting?
Whose favorite place to hang out is a shopping mall?
And at the movie "Castaway" cried for Wilson the volleyball? (Ooh…)

Whose last names are hyphenated?...
Who walked out of Long Dong Silver, a movie they hated?...
Who prefers clothing styles understated?...
Who thinks a full head of hair is overrated?...
Who think that red meat is disgusting?
Who's into UFO's, channelling & dusting?
Who wears Tikka sandals w/ black socks?
Who says John Tesh really rocks?
[or Who believes us when we say we have pre-menstrual tension?
Who doesn't mind if we get all the attention?]

Who likes music that's repetitious?... (repeat)
Who used to be wild men but now are calm?...
Who now call their wives "Mom!"?...
Who carries the baby on his back?
Who thinks the Dalai Lama is on the inside track?
Who sings on singalongs even when they
Can't stand stupid singalong songs? (Ooh…)