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Posted By: Teribus
22-Sep-14 - 07:00 AM
Thread Name: BS: scottish independence
Subject: RE: BS: scottish independence
Devo-max as it is worked out and delivered brings with it it's own set of responsibilities Ake.

Once these "additional powers" are doled out then it will be incumbent upon those third-rate wasters who sit in the Scottish Parliament to use them - the one thing they will not be able to do (As Jowly Eck & Co have done since 2007) is to sit back and heap all blame on "Westminster". To sort out problems in Scotland under these "additional powers" the party in Government may find itself having to face reality and actually order the cutting of services and increasing taxes which may make them unpopular - but there again Akenaton governing a country has never been about popularity it has always been about doing the right thing for the country as a whole - a thing modern day "professional politicians" seem increasingly incapable of doing - all they care about is getting elected and staying in power - and that does require "popularity" - doesn't do the country any good though.

The UDI thing is typical Alex Salmond bluster, poorly thought out, baseless, twaddle. The whole of the electorate of the British Isles will vote in the Referendum on the EU and believe me those wishing to escape the clutches of rule by the selected Commissioners of the EU, will not make the same mistakes that Salmond, Sturgeon, the SNP and the YES-Campaign made - they will do their homework and they will have detailed answers worked out to all the difficult questions their representative will asked.