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Posted By: Musket
22-Sep-14 - 06:04 AM
Thread Name: BS: scottish independence
Subject: RE: BS: scottish independence
A delay?

Force the Scottish people into something they rejected?

And here was me thinking we were debating with people who cared for Scotland and cared for its people, however misguided or ignorant they are...

You can't beat democracy. In fact quite a few British men fought and died to save Europe from attitudes such as yours and Akenaton's, thinking you know what is best for people. Akenaton even has his list of his idea of untermensch. Mainly gays, gypsies, liberals...

Listen to yourselves. If the Scottish people were as thick as you assumed they were, you would have said everybody has to respect the vote.

Respect it, and ask yourself why, instead of blaming Westminster for everything, many of the issues SNP raised have been in their power to address for a long time now. The Scottish parliament, not Westminster has made the situation idiots blame others for..