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Posted By: robomatic
16-Sep-14 - 09:51 PM
Thread Name: BS: Caliphate
Subject: RE: BS: Caliphate
Let's stick with Iraq and the Caliphate, we've already got a couple threads with the back and forth over Israelis and Palestinians, and it's full of good arguments and a bit of invective. Let's have some good insights into whether or not the land-holding group known as ISIS, ISIL, or IS, is indeed evil, a threat to the United States, and whether it's an over-reaction to be planning to bomb their asses, and whether or not there will inevitably be a need for 'boots on the ground' which President Obama has indicated will not happen.

As for the past, I'm wondering why the Iraqi Army backpedaled so fast when faced with the I S pouring over the border from Syria, why they let so much materiel fall into their hands.

As for the present, I S attempted genocide (see the Yazidi thread) and is basically enslaving the population of Mosul under their version of Sharia law.

As for the future, I believe they present at least the same kind of threat to the world as the Taliban, by giving room and opportunity for terrorists who wish to export their violence. And of course they are a re-infection point to Syria.

I think it's worthwhile to question what we can do simply by air attacks. I don't think it will be enough. Someone said we'll run out of F16s before they run out of teenagers in pickup trucks.