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Posted By: Musket
15-Sep-14 - 09:54 AM
Thread Name: BS: scottish independence
Subject: RE: BS: scottish independence
Governments have to juggle priorities from the pot.

The bigger the pot, the better the risk pool.

Howard's point about hardening of attitudes is interesting. Assuming naivety is in abundance and there is independence, I notice that Salmond has said The Uk will have to negotiate currency union because he will have a mandate to do so from Scotland so they must.

Notwithstanding that no government has to give quarter to foreign politicians, I wonder how popular Salmond will be when a year in he says to the Scottish people;

1. To remain in NATO, the nuclear subs have to stay. Sorry, I tried.

2. We can't get currency union so The Uk will be setting our bank interest rates without discussing it with us first. Sorry I tried.

3. The exodus of finance, banks and large multinationals means we can't afford the free education, social infrastructure or anything else we promised. Sorry, I tried.

4. As an independent Scotland, we rely on the rest of the UK, but no longer have any control or influence over it. Sorry, I tried.

5. Oh, and they won't have us back. Sorry, I tried.