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Posted By: akenaton
15-Sep-14 - 09:14 AM
Thread Name: BS: scottish independence
Subject: RE: BS: scottish independence
The NO case is just not viable....if we are one family(UK), why should one part of that family(Scotland) be "promised" special privileges, why should we continue to have free education for our children, free care for the elderly, free prescriptions, council tax freeze etc, when the rest of the family do not?

If I was English or Welsh, I would be protesting vigorously.

Does it not make you think that Westminster must have a bloody good reason for holding on to the country that they like to present as a basket case, a country that is unable to run its own affairs, that cant be trusted with a shared currency, a country from which the leaders of industry cant wait to escape?

Its all fucking lies....Scotland is wealthy and we have not yet had every ounce of national pride kicked out of us......Aye we are a hard lot, but we love our ain country, its songs, its poetry, the guts and determination of Scots folk.
We love the English to..... the nation they were before dilution and their rulers starved bullied and brainwashed them!
Take Stu's advice, grow some balls, stand on your own feet, a federation of nation states would work, co-operating on currency, and must other "issues"
Vote AYE and hold yer heid up high!