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Posted By: Gutcher
12-Sep-14 - 12:42 PM
Thread Name: BS: scottish independence
Subject: RE: BS: scottish independence
RE Mr Camerons meetings with latge companies---Asda, John Lewis etc. in an effort to have them pursue the No campaigns "project fear" [ the No campaigns self given title] Most of these companies work on a profit margin of 8 to 9% so it is little wonder that their market share has been falling steadily quarter by quarter following the vast expansion of at least two Continental supermarkets, who I understand sell at a profit margin of 2%, this is the problem these businesses should be addressing not the threat of increased prices as their customers will continue to desert them in ever increasing numbers no matter what the outcome of the vote on 18th. September.

Anent self interest.
Sir Ian Woods sudden reversal of his recently published agreement with the oil experts estimated figures of the amount of oil reserves----would this much published change have anything to do with his recent aquisition of Fracking rights/technology from America.
His children and grandchildren certainly stand to lose billions in the event of a Yes vote and if a Scottish Parliament resinds the law at present being pushed through Westminster to allow fracking to take place under YOUR HOUSE WITHOUT YOUR AGREEMENT