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Posted By: Teribus
12-Sep-14 - 02:26 AM
Thread Name: BS: scottish independence
Subject: RE: BS: scottish independence
""Knowns": governments we didn't vote for; Trident; foodbanks; bedroom tax; erosion of the NHS; governments hell-bent on getting everyone (even those in dire need) off benefits; a mindset of still being one of the world's super powers; Boris Johnson; UKIP..." - Guest weerover

1: "governments we didn't vote for"
If this indeed is a reason for splitting a political entity then stand by for further splits in your newly independent Scotland - After all you are setting the precedent. In your newly independent Scotland the political shade of every Government that will be elected will decided by those living in the Dundee-Edinburgh-Glasgow belt - predominantly "socialist" - those in Shetland, Orkney, the Western Isles, the North East, Highlands and the Borders - will never get the governments they vote for - it is called democracy the will of the people - all the people - live with it.

2: "Trident"
The majority of people in Scotland see the need for the country (The UK) having a nuclear deterrent and actually support the replacement of Trident according to polls on the subject. The banishing of WMD from Scotland is an SNP matter not a Scottish one.

3: "foodbanks"
These exist in one form or another in practically every country in the world. The Scottish Parliament since 1999 has had the the power to raise taxes in Scotland by 3% - now would the money that could have been raised using that measure gone anyway towards alleviating the problem? If it would then can you explain why the predominantly socialist governments that have been in power continuously in Scotland since 1999 have not done this? And once independent what measures has Jowly suggested to see the end of "foodbanks" in Scotland?

4: "Bedroom Tax"
Ah this one is my favourite - Tell me "weerover" how much bedroom tax do you pay? - Myself I have spare bedrooms yet I pay nothing - care to tell us how that comes about if there is such a thing as a "Bedroom Tax"?

5: "erosion of the NHS"
What erosion of the NHS? None as far as I can see, although Musket would be able to supply information on this point in greater detail. The NHS is funded in Scotland as in the rest of the UK by money from central Government. They are given a budget which they are free to spend as they see fit to provide the service and care required. The Scottish Government has been in total control of the NHS in Scotland since 1999 and the NHS in Scotland has been independent of the NHS in the rest of the UK since it was formed.

6: "governments hell-bent on getting everyone (even those in dire need) off benefits"
Hysterical, emotive, claptrap. Every Government in the world today seeks to reduce costs right across the board - Vote YES on the 18th September 2014 and the first Government of an independent Scotland on the 24th March 2016 will do everything in its power to reduce the amount it spends on benefits - If you think or believe anything different from that then you must be deluded - But as you have swallowed all Jowly & Co's BS you probably are deluded anyway.

7: "a mindset of still being one of the world's super powers"
The UK is a permanent member of the Security Council of the United Nations, It is the keystone of the second largest international organisation in the world after the United Nations, it has the sixth largest economy on the planet, its trade is world-wide - Nothing to do with "mindset" weerover - those are FACTS

8: "Boris Johnson"
Well unlike Alex Salmond or John Swinney, as far as I am aware Boris Johnson has never deliberately and knowingly told the electorate of London blatant lies to fool and mislead them.

Just couldn't believe that you included this one.

Let me see now UKIP a separatist party anxious to take the country they care about out of what they perceive as being a damaging Union that they believe acts in a way that is counter to the best interests of that country and its people.

Now tell us what the SNP and the YES campaign are all about weerover?