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Posted By: Stu
03-Sep-14 - 10:02 AM
Thread Name: BS: Whither now England?
Subject: RE: BS: Whither now England?
I think currency union is not an option for a several reasons. Firstly, it would have to go to a referendum as it would mean English taxpayers potentially footing the bill for Scotland's debt. As Salmond has decided the English taxpayer (including the poor) will foot Scotland's share of the national debt what is there to lose in rUK voters being in favour? We'll get shat on by Westminster or Holyrood either way. I thought Salmond was above this sort of thing, but there you go; he's a politician after all. The elite and establishment don't want it, and my guess is most rUK voters won't either; we've got enough shite to contend with without being lender of last resort to a foreign country.

Secondly I bumped into my MP (tory) over the weekend (I'm trying to get him to believe in anthropogenic climate change). I mentioned currency union to him and have never seen him so animated. He was adamant it would never happen, and I'm guessing the main parties but the tories especially will kibosh any attempt at it. He wasn't even a bit against it and he ranted on; I've never heard him be so committal about any other subject, ever. He was nearly foaming at the mouth.

Finally, independence won't be independence with currency union and England controls the currency. Take the plunge and stop pissing about with this half-arsed union of any kind, dump sterling and get on with it.

Scotland has to vote yes. Westminster politics has turned the whole of the UK into an unequal, unjust and frankly pathetic country, clinging to the legs of stateless ubercapitalists and a US government that lost it's last shreds of moral superiority after it's barbaric response to the horror of 9/11.

Imagine if the last vestiges of Empire are swept away by the Scots voting to break up the union on the watch of those ultimate little imperialist tosspots, the tories? We might finally be able to build a far more representative and equitable society. If we don't have the capability to work together to reform the union into a more socially just society, we'll have to do it as separate nations.

C'mon Scotland. Let's 'ave yer!