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Posted By: Jim Carroll
23-Aug-14 - 03:21 AM
Thread Name: BS: Caliphate
Subject: RE: BS: Caliphate
"No they are not"
Yes they do - they have supplied arms to Isis in the recent past - those arms would possibly have come from Britain.
If they are no longer actually supplying arms it is, as Saudi Arabia has said, because of the fear that Isis will move in on them - they remain supporters of Isis.
Kuwait, Qatar and Turkey all purchase arms from Britain and have supplied or assisted in arming Isis - why are you ignoring these?
Britain's and America's arms policy is totally undiscriminating - they sell to whoever will buy, Britain's trade minister, Vince Cable, has admitted as much.
Indirectly, Britain and America have contributed to the rise of Isis, by failing to act against mass-murderer Assad and by selling him arms and equipment, and now, in selling arms to States which have supported Isis in their rise to power.
On the eve of the Arab Spring protests, David Cameron hosted a massive Arms fair in order to sell arms to the very despots who were being protested against.
In Libya, Britain actively supported the rebels who were fighting Qaddafi - whose forces were using arms sold to them by Britain.
Britain and America have helped arm and have given support to some of the most despotic States in the world, and are continuing to do so - they have now added Isis to that list.
Should Isis ever achieve its aims, there is little doubt that, should the present policies continue, they will become 'valued customers' - business has no principles as to who it sells to.
What are you doing Keith - why are you supporting a policy that has armed terrorist States by denying what is done and dusted - you have the facts of what has been done in the recent past and what is happening now.
You are a right-wing fanatic whose only interest is in supporting extremist right-wing policies and big business.
Jim Carroll