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Posted By: kytrad (Jean Ritchie)
29-Dec-00 - 03:34 PM
Thread Name: Welcome to the 'Cat---Jean Ritchie
Subject: RE: Welcome to the 'Cat---JEAN RITCHIE
Happy New Year! What a WELCOME! Just back from the holidays, and have read all those wonderful letters- I didn't know that so many of you were old friends (you know who you are- I won't take space for all the names), and it's great to meet all you others who have the GOOD TASTE to like me and my music (do I sound like the actress at the Academy Awards ceremony?). I'm really so pleased at the Welcome, and so is Jon of course (if it weren't for Jon I wouldn't ever have thought of "working" a computer, being one of the oldtimers).

My husband is George Pickow (and, Art, he can't tell about stopping Big Ben, because he can't type- so that story will just have to tantalize folks until I can get the time to do it...what are the space limits here? Don't want to break any rules). Our other son is Peter, who lives in NYC and is chief editor at Music Sales (wrote the Hammered Dulcimer Book, if any of you play that). Jon works with George in his video & visuals, and runs our Greenhays recording studio here.

We do a lot of coming-and-going, so I will not write often, but will certainly be lurking around, checking on what you all are saying. Know that your welcome so impressed me that I joined The Mudcat Cafe, and I'm here now, officially, as kytrad, and so henceforth shall ye know me. Happy New Year 2001 to every one! Jean