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Posted By: Janie
18-Aug-14 - 10:39 PM
Thread Name: Groundhog video John F Weldon
Subject: RE: Groundhog video John F Weldon
Groundhog is tough but tasty. I ate them fairly often for several years, many years ago. Hard to skin. Very, very hard to skin. They are tough, adaptable rodents who like to hang onto their very thin and very tough hides, even after death. The skins make fine, fine drum heads for very small drums when the occasional roadkill or dog kill, or garden kill is large enough. Very tough, very thin - unusual combo among North American animals. Thinner and tougher than goat. Mostly too small, though. Bet a really, really huge groundhog would make a heck of a banjo head.

Waiting now for a possum video. Also wondering if anyone here has experience using a possum hide as a drum head. I have never been able to bring myself to skin a possum, much less eat one. - though I have a family story about possum at Sunday dinner.