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Posted By: Richard Bridge
12-Aug-14 - 08:38 AM
Thread Name: BS: Caliphate
Subject: RE: BS: Caliphate
I don't see that one can execute prisoner ex-combatants without due process, but I don't see much alternative to blasting the crap out of Isis from the air and on land. Air power only will not do the job, and so far local ground forces have proved ineffective.

However, we don't really want most of Iraq and Syria turned into fused glass, and Vietnam for example tends to show that where the enemy can hide in plain sight it can easily strike, vanish, and reappear to strike at will. Yes, I accept there are more trees in Vietnam.

I'm not at all sure that Ireland is an exact parallel, Jim. There the UK was vastly outnumbered on the ground AND the enemy could hide in plain sight. If one put enough forces on the ground against Isis it would probably be possible to take territory - but keeping it and keeping the occupying force safe could easily get a bit like Afghanistan - where I do not doubt that most people would dearly love to be rid of the Taliban and Taliban-alike but are oppressed by the greater firepower and inhuman viciousness that the religious fanatics can muster. Yes, there is some similarity to the IRA but not a huge amount.

What would you suggest, Jim, if land and air firepower cannot largely exterminate Isis?

The situation bears some resemblance to a parent with a delinquent child. How hard do you beat him or her and will it work?

I'd like to see that map, Terribilis. Have you a link?