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Posted By: Jim Carroll
12-Aug-14 - 02:45 AM
Thread Name: BS: Caliphate
Subject: RE: BS: Caliphate
"What oil interests, Christmas?"
When the U.S. announced its intentions to become involved in this, it did so on the basis that it was doing so on humanitarian grounds - excellent, pity it didn't apply in Syria or Gaza, but there you go.
It added the rider "and in order to protect the interests of the American people", which left it free go "go where no man ought to go" wherever and whenever it saw fit
Maybe Middle eastern oil is no longer of interest to the U.S. and we no longer have to concern ourselves with Gulf Wars or Weapons of Mass Destruction - what does your friend, who reads these things for you think, me little Tortoise?
Asleep on duty again, tsk, tsk, - you'll be put on a charge.
Back to your post.
"I am just questioning why Israel's actions are so much more discussed than the much worse behaviour of others"
No you are not - you are just claiming infallibility for Israel once again.
Israel has just slaughtered around 2000 people; in the past it engineered the rape and massacre of up to 3,500 unarmed refugees.
It has given itself the right to declare Israel to be wherever she wishes it to be, to evict or slaughter anybody who gets in her way.
She has the manpower and weapons, including nuclear facility, to carry out such a policy and is ruled by an extremist right-wing government driven by a mission and a 'God-given' right.
She has the power to reduce the Middle East to ashes, making her a far greater threat than all the other fanatical headbangers rolled together.
We've just seen what she is prepared to do to anybody who interferes with her ambitions.
She is the leading threat to world peace and safety today.
"You really could benefit from psychiatric help, you know"
Too late for that, I'm afraid - he's "infallible, don't forget - someone else with a Messianic Mission.
Jim Carroll