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Posted By: Jim Carroll
11-Aug-14 - 03:37 AM
Thread Name: BS: Caliphate
Subject: RE: BS: Caliphate
"So your claiming any sort of equivalence between the two elements was tendentious,"
Not when the intention of the poster is to represent one particular brand of extremism as being superior to another, as it has been from the beginning by this particular poster.
The problem with all these 'discussions'(sic) has been, from the beginning, that there has been no genuine attempt to discuss them, rather, it has been examples of defences of personal preferences.
Your "wotterboutery" is an inevitable consequence of this
You want to discuss Muslim extremism in context of its causes - fine, I've always been game for this - you want to just to throw up example after of example in order to present extremism as being 'Muslim' - expect counterbalance.
These subjects have become little more than diatribes of hate and intolerance and Booboo with his persistent drawing of examples from some of the most extreme sources, is one of the main culprits.
Not really prepared to sit on my hands while he turns these discussions into hate-fests, sorry, and all that.
Jim Carroll