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Posted By: Jim Carroll
10-Aug-14 - 01:46 PM
Thread Name: BS: Caliphate
Subject: RE: BS: Caliphate
"Hague and Cameron should be indicted for grievous crimes against reason."
You mean Gadaffi should have been left where he was, the West should have continued to continue to trade with him until he snuffed it then his son, who was being groomed by the west, would be able to fill daddy's shoes?
If you know anything about politics you know you can't leave things as they are in these situations - you assist and encourage in the hope that the situation improves - unfortunately, the history of all these countries has been that they have been used by colonials until they are no use, then have been discarded as being of no value anymore.
A follow-up to the civil war might have helped, but it didn't happen - doesn't mean that Gadaffi was worse or better, just the The Arab Spring offered a chance for improvement
What do you suggest is done about Syria, let Assad continue his slaughtering, wait till the dust settles and let him get his torture chambers up and running again, then allow him to return to the fold as the 'valued British Trading partner he and his predecessors always were?
Given what was happening in Homs, the responsibility was with the United Nations to step in, failing, the Western Democracies should have been there st stop the slaughter - the didn't, we blew it and the extremists took over - then spread, crating a world-wide problem.
Like all these situations, you've got to win hearts and minds as well as wars - in Libya we helped do one but not the other - result chaos.
In Syria, we did neither - result utter disaster.
Until the West starts recognising these as potential friends and trading partners instead of petrol pumps this will continue to happen.
Might as well join up with Israel and do what General Westmorland proposed for Vietnam - "bomb them back into the Stoneage".
Jim Carroll