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Posted By: Richard Bridge
08-Aug-14 - 03:05 AM
Thread Name: BS: Caliphate
Subject: RE: BS: Caliphate
I know precisely what decimate means and the way I used it was perfectly accurate. You do not deserve rational discussion. Even you should know that, in war, the mere fact that one has been attacked (and you should realise that there are a number of grounds for saying that the "attacks" on Israel are justifiable self-defence) does not entitle one to be "as nasty as one likes".

So now that President Obama is considering military strikes against ISIS perhaps you will admit that the parallels with Korea and Vietnam are becoming more obvious. Perhaps now you will admit that you are wrong to say that no-one has noticed ISIS, and perhaps you will stop arguing that because people ought to condemn ISIS they should stop condemning Israel.

But I won't hold my breath.