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Posted By: Jim Carroll
01-Aug-14 - 02:10 AM
Thread Name: BS: USA sliding into depravity (botched execution)
Subject: RE: BS: USA sliding into depravity (botched execution)
"then leave that duty to the victim's next of kin."
Who with then have committed a capital crime and will be liable to be taken out, hanged by the neck, shot, bludgeoned, poisoned... or whichever method 'society' decides to be the least barbaric way of seeing off - and so ad infinitum.
Capital Punishment and the disgustingly hypocritical ritual that surrounds it is an example of humanity at its very lowest and the sooner it takes its place, along with dog-fighting, bear-baiting, hanging-drawing and quartering, branding, the branque, the stocks.... and all those other quaint traditions that once made us what we were, the sooner we can aspire to being human beings.
Jim Carroll