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Posted By: Richard Bridge
29-Jul-14 - 03:32 AM
Thread Name: BS: Caliphate
Subject: RE: BS: Caliphate
MtheGM, you surely can read more accurately than that. I neither said nor implied that antisemitism (which does exist) "does frequently masquerade as legitimate criticism of Israel".

The difficulty (in the abstract) of defining antisemitism lies, it seems to me, of distinguishing prejudice on the one hand from learning by experience on the other.

The point is important because of the root meaning of the word "prejudice". It implies pre-judgment.   

This may perhaps be compared to pre-judgments of other kinds. If it is wrong to state of imply that Jews are likely to have characteristic X then it is equally wrong to state or imply that Palestinians are likely to have characteristic Y. The issue becomes more complex when on speaks of religions. To be Jewish may mean two things, and they are not the same. It may mean simply that one is born of a Jewish mother (it is, culturally, matrilineal) or it may mean that one adheres to Judaism as a religion. Only the latter is a matter of choice. When speaking, however, of Muslims there is as far as I know no requirement of birth of a particular lineage.

Over to anyone who wants to discuss the issue rationally (preferably with relation to the probability and consequences of establishment of a Caliphate).

But before I go, one last comment at Poo-bad. FFS, man, go and READ the definition you love so much. Can you not see that it is a muddle, a mess, and fundamentally short on objectively establishable application? Surely you can do better than Goofball (is it Goofball I am thinking of?) and the laughable attempts to bring US medical care within a particular definition of genocide. Read teh words and think about them.