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Posted By: Paul Davenport
22-Jul-14 - 11:48 AM
Thread Name: Folk Clubs Dying Out
Subject: RE: Folk Clubs Dying Out
I suppose it depends on where you are placed geographically. Liz and I have been travelling around recently just for the hell of it and have discovered that folk clubs, far from being a dying phenomenon, seem to be cropping up all over the place. But…they are now more likely to be monthly than weekly events as in the past. They are also less likely to book artists from outside their area. However, the scene is pretty vibrant at the moment. I was at a club last night that I'd never been to before. It's run by people in their 20s and its trad enough to have caused us to review our set list before going on. It was like travelling back in time, one act actually looked like Tim Hart & Maddy Prior as I remembered them from back in 1968! They had a similar repertoire too. A fresh and lovely evening that I shall make sure I repeat.
This is not unusual in our experience and I could also wax lyrical about the Devonshire club that sported a Dylan look and soundalike, so well observed that it was again like time-travel. They're out there folks but perhaps we are actually lamenting the loss of paid gigs rather than the loss of folk clubs per se?