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Posted By: Jim Carroll
15-Jul-14 - 02:40 AM
Thread Name: BS: Caliphate
Subject: RE: BS: Caliphate
"YOU have show you are a bigot and anti-Semite according to the EU.
If I am an Antisemite, so is Chomsky, Haaretz, Jews for Peace, all the Israeli soldiers who have testified to the behaviour of the Army in Gaza, every Jew who is critical of Israeli policy in Gaza, every Jew who is now describing what is happening in Israel as 'ethnic cleansing'... and as was Einstein when he warned of the risk of fascism in the State of Israel due to the behaviour of the Israeli freedom fighters following Independence.
Last year I watched a film where six retired heads of the Israeli Secret Service all of whom were critical to the point of condemnation of Israeli behaviour in Gaza - the last one made it clear that he believed what was happening was comparable to Nazi Germany.
You are using those who died in Nazi gas ovens as a shield, much as you are claiming that Hamas is using the Palestinian people as a human shield, to justify behaviour that is recognised as an abuse of human rights and, in some cases war crimes.
You quote the E.U. definition because it suits you, yet you totally disregard their condemnation of Israeli behaviour as well as that of the U.N. and many of the nations of the world - and all of the war crimes and human rights organisations - by your logic, all of these are 'Antisemites' as well - I have never claimed anything that they haven't said or are still saying over and over again.
Not only is hiding behind the dead to excuse and support your extremism and inhumanity, a despicably and cowardly act, but in attributing Israeli war crimes and atrocities to 'The Jews' rather than the Israelis, you are a prime example of Antisemitism yourself -it is something I would expect from David Irving and the like.   
The first person I ever heard describe Israel as 'fascist' was the daughter of Holocaust survivors; her mother made a point of showing me her tattoo.
I grew up in a family who supported the dream of the State of Israel even before its establishment.
My father went to Spain because of what was happening to the Jews in Germany; he fought alongside Jews from Europe and America who were there for the same reason he was.
You claim I am an Anti-Semite, yet you have never once produced a single statement of mine attacking the Jewish people - on the contrary, by describing criticism of Israel as "Antisemitism" it is you who accuses the Jews of facilitating Sabra/Shatila, of using chemical weapons and heavy artillery on civilians: men, women, children, schools, hospitals - on establishing a doing on for a decade long blockade to starve the Palestinian people into submission - not the Israelis, but 'The Jews', according to you.
You say you have not - where in all your postings have you been anything but totally supportive of every single action of the Israeli regime?
You have yet to produce one single example of my attacking or even criticising the Jewish people, yet you describe me as an Antisemite and demand that I prove I am not - PROVE I AM - that is how natural justice works (go and read it up if you don't understand it, which you obviously don't).
The Israeli regime has betrayed the Jewish people and turned their dream into a nightmare, and you, with your strutting extremism, have supported that betrayal wholeheartedly.
Jim Carroll