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Posted By: akenaton
02-Jul-14 - 02:17 PM
Thread Name: BS: Caliphate
Subject: RE: BS: Caliphate
Stu...I put the word liberal in inverted commas when I refer to fascists masquerading as liberals.
There are a fine selection of them hard at work on this forum, attempting to silence anyone who does not agree with every minute detail of their ideology.
I favour a liberal society, but not at any cost, when social experiments are seen not to be in the interests of society people must be allowed to speak against them without being called bigots, racists, or homophobes.    That is Fascism at work.

Politically I am of the left, always have been, but I look at issues not from a politically ideological position but look at each issue objectively and work out what I think to be in the long term interests of society.

The unregulated immigration we have seen for the last decade was always going to cause social problems, as we do not have the infrastructure to cope with huge numbers of immigrants....nothing to do with race or colour, but anyone speaking against immigration a few years ago was immediately attacked by "liberals", for holding "bigoted" or "racist" views.
The political climate has changed dramatically recently as the truth gently sinks in (Thanks mainly to Mr Farage and his party), but still the "liberal" stormtroopers chant their mantra......"Equality" "democracy" "freedom"! In reality we have none of these things and most intelligent people know that our political system is corrupt, our economic system based on greed and the antithesis of equality.

In place of real equality, democracy and freedom, we have homosexual "marriage" and multiculturalism....what a joke!

You will note that I also put homosexual "marriage" in inverted commas, as it bears little resemblance to traditional marriage, is unwanted by most homosexuals, is rarely monogamous and serves no purpose in society.