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Posted By: Keith A of Hertford
02-Jul-14 - 12:51 PM
Thread Name: BS: Caliphate
Subject: RE: BS: Caliphate
We= Teribus and me.

Jim, re that post from over 3 years ago you are so obsessed with, remember I stated unequivocally and repeatedly that religion played no part in the offending.
Evidence AGAINST Islamophobia, which is all you will find.

Richard, now you accuse me of being Right Wing.
I am not.
I am centre/Right which is the majority position in England.
I used to vote Labour in the Blair days.
IFA is very interesting, but how relevant to this?

What is delicious is when you keep bringing up your confusion regarding restrictions in military hardware , comboned with confusing UN resolutions and sanctions. Each time you embarrass yourself, it just seems even funnier.

There are no EU restrictions on military hardware to Israel.
Israel is an associate member state, not at all regarded as a "rogue state" as you also stated.

You have much to be embarrassed about.
I do not.

None of you have provided any example of bigotry or Islamophobia.
You can't because there are none.
It is entirely made up.
None of you has challenged anything we actually have said.
You can't.
That is why you revert to false accusations.