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Posted By: Teribus
02-Jul-14 - 01:27 AM
Thread Name: BS: Caliphate
Subject: RE: BS: Caliphate
Peter please tell me, a simple "armchair squaddie", what are any of the fundamentalist, radical, Islamic terrorist groups prepared to reconcile?

Tell me, given their track record so far, what form of dialogue you are likely to have with them.

Tell me what are they prepared to negotiate.

Musket came out with this - 01 Jul 14 - 02:55 AM

"There's a disused camp in Poland and blueprints for hermetically sealed sheds if you'd rather gather "them" all there instead Teribus."

Musket, as Keith points out, loves to just make things up, then attribute those things to whoever he is arguing with (He does just argue, I have never known him to actually discuss anything or debate any point) then take them to task over something that they have never stated - It must make him feel very "good" - He also loves to compare apples to oranges.

Now then Musket, who was it that arrested, rounded up and herded all those heavily armed foreign Jihadi fighters together and "transported" them to that tiny strip of land that stretches from Aleppo in Syria to Baqubah and Diyala Province in Iraq? Or did they go there of their own free will intent on taking land by force and killing all who stood in their way? Crucifying, beheading and executing unarmed civilians who were not of their brand of their faith and those fighting alongside them deemed by them not to be devout enough.

Tell me Musket what threats have been made by this group? Or have they made none? What threats were made by those on their way to that disused camp you drew our attention to? How heavily were they armed? I most certainly know the threats made, long in advance, long before the event by the man who directed that that camp be constructed. He wanted to establish his own sort of "Caliphate" too didn't he? And you and your like were the ones who ignored the warnings issued by that man and the warnings of the "armchair squaddies" of the day and as a result over 72 million people died.

ISIS/ISIL put quite simply are dangerous, deal with them now, and deal with them harshly, while that is easy to do so - it may save millions of lives further down the road. Going back to your disused camp Musket remind us again how it came to become "disused"? What price was paid, what price had to be paid once you and your like discovered that the "armchair squaddies" had been right all along?