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Posted By: akenaton
01-Jul-14 - 01:02 PM
Thread Name: BS: Caliphate
Subject: RE: BS: Caliphate
Time I think to repeat my post/prophesy of 28/7 which was written before the Caliphate was announced.
Teribus is quite correct, these people(Islamist radicals0, are a grave danger to human life everywhere and should be removed from the equation....First things first, this situation has been brought about by Western "liberal" idiocy and a mistaken belief that "democracy" can be instigated in our interests in Muslim countries.

Although we are at separate ends of the UK political spectrum, I agree 100% with Keith's no nonsense evaluation of the situation in Syria.
The Islamists hate "liberal" western values, even more than they hate other branches of their religion and before long all will be absorbed into an Islamic Caliphate and moderate voices will be silenced.

This is a grave danger and only ideological fools like a few on these pages would consider support of such action.
These people believe all who do not support Islam should be exterminated.
All the Eastern dictators, from Saddam through Gaddafi to Assad, warned us of the danger from Islamist terror, but we preferred to believe that we could set up exploitable Western style democracies in these countries......The result has been chaos and terror.
Our politicians made serious errors in Middle Eastern policy and people like Blair, Hague and Cameron should be called to account.

In Russia, Putin realised the danger of Islamic terrorism having experience of fighting jihadists in Chechnya and Afghanistan, where Russia's defeat was assisted by the West.

Western "democracy" is NOT exportable.....our participation should be against all terrorism and not as political expediency.