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Posted By: Teribus
01-Jul-14 - 05:54 AM
Thread Name: BS: Caliphate
Subject: RE: BS: Caliphate
Musket I have never felt obliged to heed the sabre rattling of anyone of any persuasion and I most certainly have not heard any cry of any Christian pastor calling on anybody to hate anybody else - If I were to, I think that I would have the commonsense to ignore it.

Eliza - Who said anything about herding anyone anywhere?

As for the "Troubles" - The PIRA and the INLA had to be fought to a standstill (1985 according to Martin McGuinness) before their "leadership" admitted that their "armed struggle" was getting them nowhere and even then there are still "Republicans/Nationalists" who support the men of violence and are all for continuing indiscriminate bombing campaigns (325 incidents since 1998). Besides unlike ISIS/ISIL clear points of negotiation were evident for all parties/sides associated with the situation in Northern Ireland.

Here by the way is the ISIS/ISIL "roadmap" as seen 5 years from now - and that by no means marks the limit of their plans:

The Caliphate 5 years from now according to ISIS

Now putting that together might step on the toes of a few "Big Boys" in the regions shown:
USA by nature of Articles 5 & 6 of the NATO Alliance.

Generally speaking if someone says they are going to attack you, take it as read that they will, in which case it is usually best practice to prepare for it and forestall the attack by all means at your disposal.