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Posted By: Stu
17-Jun-14 - 07:30 AM
Thread Name: BS: World Cup
Subject: RE: BS: World Cup
". . . I'd say probably most, Scots like to see England beaten."

Odd though. We always support all the home nations in everything, always have done. I support Villa first (grew up in Brum), England at footy (born there), and Wales at rugby (due to the my maternal side of the family being largely Welsh). After that, whomever's left in any competition from our islands gets my support. We're all one people, see. Luckily, the more enlightened Scots I know are happy to support England.

"It has to do with football."

Er, righto. That's just how it comes across.

"Basically though it would be nice to have a thread relating to England without someone having an unnecessary pop at Scotland."

Ah, that old sense of victimhood. The English get a constant barrage for the ills of empire and everything that's happened on these islands since 1066, off everyone. Best ignore the ignorant tosspots in my opinion, and play to your (our) strengths.

Meanwhile, in the football...

Impressed with Germany and looking forward to the Brazil/Mexico match tonight. Happy the England squad seem settled and unpressured and hope that they play as positively on Thursday as they did on Sunday. They're in with a chance (especially if they sort out their set piece blind spot).

Enjoying some great football! I love to see all these players from across the world in the same competition, a real treat.