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Thread Name: Songbooks: Singing Together books on Web Site
Subject: RE: Songbooks: Singing Together books on Web Site
And here is a contents of books built from the above data. Some song titles in the books are missing most commonly because we had added the song from another source (including Singing Together duplicates). There was a more complete index at folkinfo but it wasn't included Joe's archive (I only used discussions which had songs "attached"). I'll see if I can make getting a more complete index together some time but I can't put that together in a 5 minute job from what we have.

Singing Together and Rhythm and Melody Autumn Term 1957
513, Andulko The Goosegirl
504, Child In The Manger
870, Gold Band, The
520, He Is Born
858, Miller's Flowers, The
33, Whence Is That Goodly Fragrance Flowing

Singing Together and Rhythm and Music, Autumn Term 1957
923, Captain Morgan's March
922, Scraping Up Sand In The Bottom Of The Sea

Singing Together, Summer 1968, BBC Publications
499499, Darby Kelly

Singing Together, Autumn 1960, BBC Publications
549, A-Roving
551, Banks of Sacramento
550550, Fill the Cup
553, Nos Galan [Winter]
552, O Christmas Tree [Pine Tree, The]
548, Oh, I love a Maiden Fair
547, Old Zip Coon
554, One Man Went To Mow
552, Pine Tree, The
553, Winter

Singing Together, Autumn 1965, BBC Publications
562, Ash Grove, The
563, Jesus, Jesus, Rest your Head
560, No Sir No [O No John]
560, O No John
564, On Christmas Night
559, Ould John Braddlum
561, Sally Brown
564, Sussex Carol [On Christmas Night]
565, We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Singing Together, Autumn 1966, BBC Publications
530, Christmas Day in the Morning
523, Derby Ram, The
522, Farmyard, The
533, Guy Fawkes, Drum March for
531, Heavenly Child, The
525, High Germany
524, Hope the Hermit
528, In Nightly Stillness
529, Joseph and the Angel
527, Little Red Wagon, The
532, Poverty
526, There's nae luck aboot the hoose

Singing Together, Autumn 1968, BBC Publications
571, Es wird schon gleich dunkel [Tyrolean Cradle Song]
567, Football Crazy
566, Johnny Todd
568, Kelvin Grove
570, On this day
571, Tyrolean Cradle Song

Singing Together, Autumn 1969, BBC Publications
645, All Through the Night
646, Charlie is m' Darling
647, Flight of the Earls
648, Quaker's Wife, The
649, Rejoice and Be Merry

Singing Together, Autumn 1970, BBC Publications
760, Child's Carol, The
757, Flower of Killarney, The
758, Four in a Boat
759, Old Man of the Woods, The
760, Personet Hodie [Child's Carol, The]
762, See Amid the Winter's Snow
760, Sing Aloud on the Day [Child's Carol, The]
756, This Old Man
761, Twelve Days of Christmas, The

Singing Together, Autumn 1971, BBC Publications
490, Farewell to Fiunary
596, Holly Tree, The
593, Land of the Silver Birch
592, Praties They Grow Small,The
591, Three Pirates, The
596, Y Gelynnen [Holly Tree, The]

Singing Together, Autumn 1972, BBC Publications
598, Coulter's Candy
597, I have four sisters
619, Lulajze Jezuniu
600, Rise up Shepherd
598, Sugar Candy [Coulter's Candy]
599, Who will you give me to sail away?

Singing Together, Autumn 1973, BBC Publications
765, Gabriel's Message
695, Hey Ho, The Morning Dew
764, Up! Good Christen Folk
763, Windy Old Weather

Singing Together, Autumn 1974, BBC Publications
618, Cockles and Mussels
624, Excelsis Gloria!
622, Handsome Butcher, The
618, Molly Malone [Cockles and Mussels]
623, Mountain Duel
621, Some Folks Do
620, Wark o' the Weavers, The

Singing Together, Autumn 1977, BBC Publications
707, Aiken Drum
708, Four Pence a Day
710, O ru, ru, ru
706, Once a Farmer and His Wife
705, Sour Grapes

Singing Together, Autumn 1978, BBC Publications
650, Zither Carol

Singing Together, Autumn 1984, BBC Publications
640, Bagpipers' Carol, The
635, Bill Bones' Hornpipe
640, Canzone D'l Zampognari [Bagpipers' Carol, The]
637, Christmas is Coming
632, Cosher Bailey
638, Huron Indian Carol, The
636, Kitty of Coleraine
640, Quando nascette Ninno [Bagpipers' Carol, The]
633, Shuttle Rins, The
634, Yellow Rose of Texas, The

Singing Together, Autumn 1985, BBC Publications
712, A New Song on the Taxes
711, Sandy

Singing Together, BBC Broadcasts to Schools, Autumn Term, 1958
905, Christ Was Born On Christmas Day
898, Clear the Track
900, Eileen Aroon
899, Holahi
897, I saw a maiden
898, Let the Bullgine Run [Clear the Track]
901, One more Ribber
896, To The Moon

Singing Together, BBC Broadcasts to Schools, Spring Term, 1959
902, Click Go The Shears [Shepherd and His Dog, The]
903, Saeter Girl's Sunday, The
904, Sea, The
902, Shepherd and His Dog, The
902, Twll Bach y Clo [Shepherd and His Dog, The]

Singing Together, BBC Broadcasts to Schools, Summer Term, 1959
907, Berry Picking, The
906, O give me a Cot

Singing Together, Spring 1961, BBC Publications
557, Faithful Johnny
558, Li'l Liza Jane
555, Men of Harlech
556, Mowing the Barley

Singing Together, Spring 1967, BBC Publications
544, In Good King Arthur's Time [King Arthur's Servants]
546, Jim Along Josie
539, Jolly Carter, The
542, Keys of Canterbury
544, King Arthur's Servants
540, Lilliburlero
541, Lisa L?¢n
545, Old Farmer Buck

Singing Together, Spring 1968, BBC Publications
576, Botany Bay
573, Greensleeves
574, Hieland Laddie
575, Keel Row, The
577, My Own Pretty Boy
572, Sacramento

Singing Together, Spring 1969, BBC Publications
586, Black Sir Harry
517, Blow the Man Down
583, Green Grow the Leaves
584, Mallow Fling
585, Marlborough's Gone to War, Sir

Singing Together, Spring 1970, BBC Publications
616, Bonnie Dundee
609, Jennie Jenkins
617, Llangollen Market
615, Mango Walk
611, Stranger in Cork, A
610, Tree in the Wood, The

Singing Together, Spring 1972, BBC Publications
603, Avenging and Bright
607, Drummer and the Cook, The
604, Glenlogie
602, Gypsy Davey
608, Llantwit Major
606, Maranoa Lullaby
605, Robin Hood

Singing Together, Spring 1973, BBC Publications
625, Eriskay Love Lilt
626, Heron from Brecon, The

Singing Together, Spring 1974, BBC Publications
627, Leprehaun, The
628, Simple Gifts
630, Strike the Bell!
629, Tinker's Wedding, The

Singing Together, Spring 1975, BBC Publications
658, Kalinka
652, Migildi magildi
659, Paddy on the Railway
659, Patrick on the Railroad [Paddy on the Railway]
660, Polly Oliver
651, Road to the Isles, The

Singing Together, Spring 1976, BBC Publications
665, Bard of Eve
661, Iron Horse, The
664, Must I then?
663, Old Turf Fire, The
766, Quinoro's Pearl
662, She's like the Swallow

Singing Together, Spring 1977, BBC Publications
644, Leaving of Liverpool, The
643, Pay Me My Money Down
642, Streets of Laredo

Singing Together, Spring 1978, BBC Publications
714, Drill ye Tarriers, Drill
713, Little Red Bird

Singing Together, Spring 1981, BBC Publications
721, Alnwick Football Song
718, Here Come the Navvies
720, Piper o' Dundee, The
716, Song of a Country Girl

Singing Together, Spring 1982, BBC Publications
724, Brian O'Lin
722, Joy of Springtime

Singing Together, Spring 1985, BBC Publications
730, Candlelight Fisherman, The
735, Island in the Sun
736, My Grandfather's Clock
729, Oh 'twas in the Broad Atlantic
728, Swansea Town
725, Waltzing Matilda

Singing Together, Spring 1986, BBC Publications
740, Coconut Tree
738, Farewell to Tarwathie
737, Gipsy, The

Singing Together, Spring1968, BBC Publications
537, Riddles

Singing Together, Summer 1951, BBC Publications
782, Afton Water
784, Charles Stuart's Farewell [Farewell, Manchester!]
784, Farewell, Manchester!
783, Fire Down Below
789, Frre Jacques
781, Gossip Joan
787, Isle of Dreams
786, Minstrel Boy, The
788, Mocking Bird, The

Singing Together, Summer 1961, BBC Publications
588, I'se the B'y That Builds the Boat
589, Linden Lea
590, Michael Finnigin
587, Morning is Come
569, St Athan

Singing Together, Summer 1967, BBC Publications
535, Casey Jones
534, Coast of High Barbaree
536, Come o'er the stream Charlie
538, My Bonny Cuckoo

Singing Together, Summer 1968, BBC Publications
582, Bells of Aberdovey
581, Dashing White Sergeant, The
579, Leave her Johnny
580, Lonely and far away
578, Marianina

Singing Together, Summer 1970, BBC Publications
666, Dance to your Daddy
667, Garden where the Praties Grow, The
668, Yellow Sheepskin, The

Singing Together, Summer 1971, BBC Publications
743, Donkey Riding
741, Morrismen, The
744, Top of the Morning, The
742, Tramping Song

Singing Together, Summer 1974, BBC Publications
677, Jamaica Farewell
697, Mermaid, The
696, Out In The Meadow
698, Star of County Down, The
678, Westering Home

Singing Together, Summer 1975, BBC Publications
682, Mallow Fling, The
681, Mary Ann
683, Scarborough Fair (Singing Together version)
680, Silver Wheat, The

Singing Together, Summer 1976, BBC Publications
745, Drover's Dream, The
749, Mingulay Boat Song, The
747, Newcastle Fair
748, Wild White Rose, The
746, Yellow Bird

Singing Together, Summer 1977, BBC Publications
685, Banana Boat Song
684, Boys of Kilkenny, The
686, Wreck of the Sloop John B., The

Singing Together, Summer 1978, BBC Publications
673, Blaydon Races, The
670, Erie Canal, The
671, Farewell My Own True Love
672, In My Father's Garden
669, Linstead Market
674, Nature Carol, The

Singing Together, Summer 1979, BBC Publications
754, Beautiful City of Sligo, The
755, Crocodile, The
753, La Pique
750, Meadowlands, The
751, Will you go lassie
755, Wonderful Crocodile, The [Crocodile, The]

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