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Posted By: Teribus
28-May-14 - 08:48 AM
Thread Name: BS: Whither now England?
Subject: RE: BS: Whither now England?
"They love his beer and fags approach but which one followed up Nick Robinson's hard questioning ? They concentrated on the hard time he got, not the lack of answers."

Rather imagine Musket that you are not that much shorter in the tooth than I am, which makes me marvel at your lack of realisation that "lack of answers" is a professional politicians stock in trade.

"We are a trading nation. A stockbroker by the name of Nigel Farage even said so.

50% of our trade is with our European partners. The common market is a bit of a success story."

If 50% of our trade is with our European partners that also means that 50% of it is not, and as the way they "fudge" trade figures the European 50% includes goods sent through Rotterdam to the rest of the world - which means that in real terms and in actual fact Britain does more trade with the rest of the world than she does with Europe - that has been the case now for over 18 months.

And yes I quite agree "The common market WAS a bit of a success story." - but we left the realms of The Common Market trading partnership that we actually voted to join along way behind in the wake of the drive for European Federalism - which nobody voted for.

"Scotland, after independence will be forced to address the issue of Europe and remove herself."

The reality that Scotland will face should Scotland vote Yes in September will be that come the 24th March 2016 Scotland will no longer be a member of the EU.

" England is a naturally left-leaning country that had had enough of Labour's fiscal ineptitude at the last general election and let the tories in, who have gone on to decimate our social structures, alienate a whole start of society with lies and have attempted to redefine us as a nation of corporate slaves."

WAAAAAAA F**kin' hilarious - if anything was decimated after the 2010 election and the Coalition Government came to power it is solely because of Labour's eternal and totally predictable fiscal ineptitude (Not one single Labour Government since 1945 has left office leaving the country in a better economic shape than they found it in)

"I haven't managed to find much about losing the stock market, losing 50% of export markets, losing multinational companies who provide jobs here as a gateway to Euro markets, employee rights, NHS..."

Last year FTSE rose what was it 15 to 18%. Income from investment was about 10% - so it performed very well, not quite as well as the DOW but good enough. London is one of world's biggest financial hubs it was before the Common Market/EEC/EU and will remain so afterwards. As for export markets I have dealt with that little "glass-half-empty" view up above. No multinational companies will flee, because it is simply easier and more profitable to do business in the UK than it is say in France, Germany, Spain or Italy. By the way Germany's best customer in the EU is??? - Britain.

"But at least, Musket, UKIP were only fourth in Scotland while the SNP won the Scottish election by topping the polls ... not bad for a government in its 7th year."

Voter turn out in Scotland for the EU elections was what? 32% and the SNP got about 30% of that. With just about 100 days to go to the referendum the percentage turn out should have been greater and the SNP vote should have been massive - If that translates to the Referendum the NO vote will win by a Kerry Mile.

"He then refused to rule out the idea that UKIP may work with the French National Front."

Shock and horror two vastly different parties with a shared political objective (i.e. Getting their respective country's out of the EU) MAY work together in the EU Parliament to further that goal - About as unusual as a story about a dog biting a man.