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Posted By: Stu
27-May-14 - 10:07 AM
Thread Name: BS: Whither now England?
Subject: RE: BS: Whither now England?
"You statement is a clear generalisation that they "ie the Scots" are now denying their role in empire and blaming the English. I'd say that is a statement which as well as being sweeping isn't particularly correct and neither was it necessary."

I agree it was sweeping, and that was my mistake so sincere apologies. However, from south of the border it often seems all Scotland's ills are blamed on "the English", and this is a very common generalisation, certainly on the discussions and comments sections on the internet. You might not like it, but that's how it is. The whole debate has been set up to exploit this nationalistic thread.

"The independence debate is about the here and now and serious commentators and the leading figures etc don't particularly argue about historical issues"

Even Salmond thinks 2014 is a good year to hold the referendums it's the 700th anniversary of Bannockburn, and there's only one conclusion you can draw from that. You can't divorce history from modern politics, but you can learn from it and accept the harsh truths and face up to them. You personally might have done this, but there are many who haven't, and they tend to gravitate towards nationalism.

Like I say, I'm all for Scottish independence. If we're not mature enough to stick together (for most of the history of human occupation of this island we were one people with no nations to encumber us), then I hope the Scots can show the way to a more progressive and caring society; the one many of us have strived for over the centuries.