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Posted By: Stu
27-May-14 - 03:46 AM
Thread Name: BS: Whither now England?
Subject: RE: BS: Whither now England?
That wasn't a 'go' at the Scots - this sense of victimhood is tiring as it's trotted out endlessly. If you bottle it on the currency, we can expect it in perpetuity. The distancing from empire by many nationalist Scots, who wish to appear more like the Irish who suffered under the hands of the British Empire is plain wrong: it's nationalism re-writing history. There is of course a fair amount for Scots to despise the English for, but once again they were willing beneficiaries of empire and it's a mistake to duck the responsibility for it. The English know this at least (and are reminded often enough).

Part of the problem for the English are the feelings of confusion and guilt that are felt by so many people regarding our role in Empire. That is one of the reasons English nationalism remains in the hands of right-wing boors whom still think we should be 'great' again. Of course, the real strength of the Empire were the ordinary folk whose backs were broken building and maintaining it, not the political, business and aristocratic classes making the decisions and running the show.

My original premise was what is needed is a bit of brutal honesty from us all, for the sake or the ordinary working folk of our islands. We need to remember people like us started unions and co-operatives, organised ourselves to fight the injustices the ruling classes imposed upon us and often died or were deported for our efforts.

The blood of these islands knows no borders. We are all one people and our cultures are all different sides of the same whole, supplemented by the arrival of new people bringing their own unique cultures to add to the mix; it is this strength and love of diversity frightens the establishment and it's why they're happy to have Farage out there, he's one of them through and through but manages to pull of this 'blokey' act that appeals especially to white males of a certain age.