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Posted By: billybob
26-May-14 - 06:06 PM
Thread Name: Jane's Rainbow: for all needing support & comfort
Subject: RE: Jane's Rainbow: for all needing support & comfort
Hi Rainbow crew,

I put this on my facebook today, thought I would share here because I know you are the most caring and supportive people I know, please feel free to send or share this with anyone who needs help looking after a loved one with Dementia.

Last week the media was full of reports about Dementia, since my father died three years ago Billy and I have been looking after my lovely mum, she came to live with us and, as family and friends know, her dementia has progressed in stages. In November she had a fall which she has in her body recovered remarkably well, but her Dementia has become such a liability that she needs 24 hour , one on one care. This is not a rant from me, I am very lucky that we have wonderful private carers that sit with mum when I am at work and by her bed every night. I also have a wonderful daughter, son and stepson so BB and I can escape to their homes for a day or weekend. I am hoping you will read this because I am very aware of carers who have no such support, who carry on day by day looking after a loved one and are almost prisoners in their own home. They may not have been told about Admiral nurses ( I have my wonderful Admiral Nurse Sam who I can phone or meet for coffee and ask for advice) They may have family and friends who are unaware of the loneliness of spending your life caring for someone who really is no longer the person they know.I remember at my father's funeral my mother's friends promising to see her every week and take her out to lunch and, yes you guessed we haven't seen them since. Lots of good intentions that I am sure were heartfelt at the time.If you know someone who is looking after a loved one with Dementia just think on this......... call by to spend one hour for a cup of tea and tell them to soak in a lovely bath, or have time to weed their garden, or nip upstairs to hoover the bedrooms or clean the bath. All these simple things are impossible to do when you need to be alert to a vunerable relative who must not be left alone for a minute. I am lucky, we have friends who understand that we can no longer go out in the evenings as we used to, they call by for a cup of tea or just for a good old gossip. One lovely friend brings the dinner party to our house ( we do do the washing up ) So please on this bank holiday take a minute to phone a friend and arrange to give them an hour of your time and make them know that care. Have a lovely day xxx

Hope you did not mind me posting this? But sending love to anyone who is in the same place as me and may not have the love and support I have.

Wendy xxxxxx