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Posted By: Stu
26-May-14 - 07:51 AM
Thread Name: BS: Whither now England?
Subject: RE: BS: Whither now England?
"To be a truly independent nation we must not surrender sovereignty to the Brussles."

Or the Bank of England.

"I have said for years that Scotland is a socially conservative country"

Blimey. England is a naturally left-leaning country that had had enough of Labour's fiscal ineptitude at the last general election and let the tories in, who have gone on to decimate our social structures, alienate a whole start of society with lies and have attempted to redefine us as a nation of corporate slaves. Even the Scots, the great democratic hope for these islands elected a UKIP candidate.

The results of the local and EU elections are interesting, as it seems the slaves have had enough. In the local elections, the right was divided and labour romped home, and the fact in both elections labour did well in London only goes to reinforce the claim we are being ruled by the same elite that has oppressed us for centuries. It's going to be hard to blame the ordinary working people of the capital for the woes of any of the regions when they have so comprehensively rejected the right-wing parties. Good on 'em, they are as much under the Westminster cosh as the rest of us (and they have Boris to endure too).

It's also no coincidence that in the most multicultural area of the country, the working folk have rejected the xenophobia of the middle-aged white men and women of UKIP. Out in the shires the overwhelmingly white populace has been cowed by the likes of Farage and his public-funded media campaign (thanks British media!), and have swallowed his nasty establishment bile wholeheartedly; thank the maker there are enough of us with a conscience to provide an adequate counter to these myopic, intolerant 'old school' brits.

If anyone looking on wants to know how Britain ended up with an empire, the likes of Farage built it on the backs of the working people for the aristocracy. These are the tosspots you should direct your anger at. They hate everybody BUT the establishment, which they worship.

So we wake this morning with less relevance in Europe than ever before. In some ways it's deserved, as a people we are becoming split and reverting to nationalism and all the baggage that brings with it. It's a shame we don't feel as strong together as we actually are.

But then, perhaps it has ever been thus. They hate the idea of communities coming together, becoming active and steering their own course for the common good. I have more hope for England after these results. However the media spin the xenophobe's victory, there are enough of us left who care about our society to ensure we don't let these misogynistic, homophobic, anti-intellectual, anti-art, pro-corporate, mean-minded people take this country over without a fight.

The spirit of the Diggers and the Tolpudlle Martyrs isn't driven from the land yet!