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Posted By: Stu
24-May-14 - 10:24 AM
Thread Name: BS: Whither now England?
Subject: RE: BS: Whither now England?
"This is not racism"

If it's not racism, it's certainly xenophobia. Unless you've been on the moon for the past week then you'd have seen our heard his interview during which the interviewer drew Farage's utterly unreasonable attitude to (amongst other things) people not speaking in English in trains and labelling all Romanians as antisocial.

"We may not agree with Mr Farage, but he has been straight with the electorate and they seem to be responding."

Where does this myth that Farage is "straight with the electorate" come from? Are people watching the same news reports? The man is the worst kind of hypocrite, and it's those voting for him he's laughing at as he takes their tax money for not representing our best interests in the European parliament. He's old establishment and not of the ilk of most of the people voting for him.

Furthermore, given the blanket coverage the BBC has given Farage (notice he's pretty much the ONLY person from the party to ever appear in the media, apart from one airing of the execrable Neil Hamilton on Question Time). The turd has been truly polished, and with our licence fee.

"There is no comparison between the inclusive welcoming (i.e. to incomers) nationalism of the SNP and the xenophobic rants of some UKIP candidates."

Yes, but no-one in these islands has the monopoly of being welcoming to incomers. England has always welcomed people to her shores and part of the strength of English society is its multicultural and diverse nature. It's reflected in our art, sport, music, literature and pretty much everything else. Heck, even our most popular dish is an Asian fusion concoction.

The problem is the Tories have imposed austerity in a way that means they can accomplish their idealogical aims of destroying the NHS and whipping up fear about johnny foreigner coming over here nicking our jobs.

Like I keep saying, we can do better than this.