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Posted By: Stu
23-May-14 - 04:17 AM
Thread Name: BS: Whither now England?
Subject: RE: BS: Whither now England?
"So don't quite know why you're throwing that at me."

Please don't take anything personally, I'm not throwing anything at individuals, just trying to stimulate discussion. Also, I'm in the Yes camp.

There is, deny it or not, much pejorative talk about 'the english' in this debate (not here perhaps, but go check out the comments sections on many of the major newspapers sites). This idea that there is some separation of us as a people beyond our regional cultures is simply wrong. There is a distancing (necessary to a degree, I understand) that has become something more; look south to see how that ends up.

"No matter how much we deny it, UKIP is saying what the electorate want to hear."

Given that the media have given Farage a campaigning platform on every bulletin this is hardly surprising. You could put a used bog roll up for election and it'd poll high with that amount of airtime. It's easy to scapegoat certain parts of the population in times of austerity. The fact UKIP hate anyone not british, women and homosexuals makes their job easier as we seem to be undergoing some sort of social regression as a society.