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Posted By: Richard Bridge
22-May-14 - 03:43 AM
Thread Name: BS: Whither now England?
Subject: RE: BS: Whither now England?
I have finally made up my mind. I used to think that it was necessary to vote Labour to keep the conservatives out, but more and more tehy have become patsies of the neoliberals and joined the rush to the right for fear of UKIP racism. What has finally nailed Labour's coffin for me is the failure wholly to condemn TTIP (US readers think TPP).

As you go out to vote today remember the most important issue today for the survival of our species. If Big Oil can deny global warming, our children drown. If it fracks, the land is poisoned. If Big Pharma can sue governments who try to save bees - remember if the bees die out so do we. Some say Frankenfoods are safe - but Thalidomide passed its safety tests and the UK government denied BSE, and Edwina Currie was run out of government for admitting the truth about salmonella. If big pharma and agribiz can take campaigns against government safety measures to secret tribunals made up of corporate lawyers, tribunals from which there is no right of appeal, we are not safe from being poisoned by our environment. TTIP must stop now.

The measure of Labour on this is that 3 days ago I emailed the official Kent Labour group to ask them to clarify whether they condemned TTIP in toto or not (it is a matter of record that they want an exemption for the NHS over compulsory tendering - aka privatisation) and they have not bothered to get back to me. I have finally made up my mind. Labour are no longer fit to be regarded as an opposition. They are just another bunch of neoliberal scum participating in the race to the bottom.

I'm off out to vote Green. Enough is enough.