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Posted By: Backwoodsman
21-Apr-14 - 01:09 PM
Thread Name: Guitar: How and Where to Store It??
Subject: RE: Guitar: How and Where to Store It??
Leeneia, is it:-

a) solid wood (as distinct from laminate back and sides, and/or top)?
b) if the answer to a) is "Yes", is it left on it's stand in a properly humidified, heated (or cooled) room?

If the answer to b) is no, the guitar faces greater danger than merely being knocked off its stand. Under- or over- humidification is the worst enemy of solid-wood instruments.

I have seven instruments (3 Martins, a Lowden, a Fylde and two Fenders), and all live in their cases because, not only are they safer from accidental damage, but more importantly it is much easier to control RH in the cases.

My instruments all get played - it takes ten seconds to open a case and lift a guitar out, and the same to put it back and close the case. Not really a big problem, is it?

But........your guitar, your choice, your loss if it all goes tits-up! :-)