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Posted By: VirginiaTam
20-Apr-14 - 11:05 AM
Thread Name: Jane's Rainbow: for all needing support & comfort
Subject: RE: Jane's Rainbow: for all needing support & comfort
Warm felicitations to all my shipmates and wishes for warm sunshine and healing rains of Spring. Sorry I have not posted of late. It has been very occasional lurking only until cognitive functioning kicked in again.

Still on anti-TNF with no physical relief. Just finished course of anti-biotics and still on anti-histamin. In the last week and bit, I've been on every anti-Tamara meds going. I know because still having allergic reaction to something. But it is not terrible. Bit of discoid rash on my face. Not itchy, just .... weird.

Otherwise I am good. I have a job that is interesting and provides much distraction from pain. Outside of work I am keeping busy with steampunk creations, inventions and modifications.

I finally put my pride aside and purchased a very small mobility scooter. One that can live in the boot of the car. I figured since the anti-TNF does not appear to be relieving the physical downside of illness, then I may as well buy the scooter now, while I am still working and have money to pay for it. I got the VAT amnesty which brought the cost down a bit.

Anyway back to steampunking modifications. I am currently working on making steampunk camouflage for the scooter when I take it to SP events. I have a veritible storm of ideas brewing. I've seen some pretty mean looking machines among SP friends. I want someting really unique. Something along the lines of the love child of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and HG Wells Time Machine. I already have this garden ornament clock/bar ometer/thermometer thing Tam's walker/transit chair which I have punked up even further. Kept the clock in the centre but outer rings have time travel gauges. One starts at "BANG" and finsihes with "RESTAURANT, END OF UNIVERSE." The other is a Chronogovernor. Well it is a start.

From Late Feb to just before last weekend in March I worked on new Far East steampunk outfit and my pride and joy, these Octopus Puppet twins Oskarpus Krakenworthy the Third and Oktavia Pussywillow Krakenworthy

The eyes took the most time. I had to create a socket to place them in then attach a fingerpuppet tube to back. So their eyes move with intenral manipulation. Adorably creepy. Oskarpus now has a little gun and holster and Oktavia will have a small porcelain Victorian doll.

So I have been very busy, but brain has been quite nonverbal while it has been creating and solving problems.

Hugs to all.