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Posted By: Dave (the ancient mariner)
22-Dec-00 - 09:41 AM
Thread Name: BS: 'Queen no longer speaks Queen's English'
Subject: RE: BS: 'Queen no longer speaks Queen's English'
Something for you Republicans to think about.. This is from a student group in Portugal, who Want to restore the Monarchy. I support them. Why you ask? because there never could be a Hitler or Stalin in the UK....Think about it. Its easier to keep what you have than try to re-establish it. Yours, Aye. Dave -------English Version-------------

Dear friends and members, For tecnical reasons we were unable until today, to access our internet services, therefore we have a lot of news for this message. First and foremost however, we wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a very productive new year, either in promoting, or defending your monarchies.

The traditional December events were a success all over the country. The 31st of November dinner in Lisbon went very well, with about 500 people attending. The new Juventude Lusitana t-shirts were a great success, and almost sold out. We only kept a small reserve to send new members. The 1st December (Restoration Day) anual message from HRH to the people was also a success. The full text of the speech will soon be available on our webpage, only in Portuguese though.

A month or two ago we sent you a message warning you about an on-line poll hosted by the Monarchist League to discover which was the best monarchy related website on the Internet. The results can be found at the follwing address: We were naturall proud to discover that the "Best Site not related to the United Kingdom" was ours! We wish to take this opportunity to thank all of those who sent in their votes for allowing this great opportunity to increase the attention and support for our cause!

Next January there will be presidential elections in Portugal. When we were all preparing for the dullest elections ever, with the more than expected victory of our current president, we were all surprised by the appearance of 9 candidates! 5 of which backed by the main political parties in Portugal, a 6th backed by the miniscule and recent Humanist Party, and 3 independant candidates. Monarchists prepared to lose the argument that, contrary to what the republicans say, only a party or lobby backed candidate can run for election. However, today the Constitutional Court ruled that only 5 candidates were accepted. The Humanist Party candidate and the three independants were said not to have the necessary documentation in order, and were therefore not allowed to participate. So it seems that our argument is now more valid than ever! The fact that the 4 four candidates not backed by any significant party or financial group were unable to gather the conditions to at least be able to run for the presidency, points either to descrimination on the part of the system, or extreme difficulty, ranging on impossibility, for the average person to be able to run... let's not even talk about eventual chances of victory! And that is the way things work in the Republic of Freedom and Equality, where anybody can become Head of State! (as long as they sell out to a party first, of course!)

Best wishes for the new year, do not hesitate to contact us! JL