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Posted By: Janie
12-Mar-14 - 05:07 PM
Thread Name: Jane's Rainbow: for all needing support & comfort
Subject: RE: Jane's Rainbow: for all needing support & comfort
Exciting and also anxiety provoking for this Mom. My responsible son (for a 20 year old) and an equally responsible friend are embarking on a two week adventure this coming weekend. They are long boarding (refers to a skateboard designed for traveling instead of tricks and X sports) with the intent to travel from the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina to the North Carolina Coast over a period of 2 weeks. They wisely decided to change their original plans from traversing the northern part of the state to the southern part of the state a couple of weeks ago for two reasons. The first being we are having a harsher, colder and longer winter than we have have in North Carolina for at least the past 15 years and the weather is likely to be less threatening further south. The second is they are less likely to encounter fear, hostility and agression further south. Over-all, I am relieved they have changed their route, and also think the southern route is safer simply in terms of torrain and wider highways once they are out of the mountains. The 1/3 leg of the journey, however, will be in much higher mountains, narrower roads and generally more demanding and dangerous road torrain for skateboarders and I am a bit anxious. So is my youngin'. Please visualize motorists who are alert and kind and non-resentful of people traveling along switchbacks who are not in vehicles and might cause one to put on the brakes without resentment.