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Posted By: gnu
06-Mar-14 - 02:39 PM
Thread Name: Jane's Rainbow: for all needing support & comfort
Subject: RE: Jane's Rainbow: for all needing support & comfort
"Apostrophe in my opinion is the finest album Zappa ever made and deserves a special place in some music hall of fame..."

Accolades abound. There is even one song that I don't like half of! Takes a rebel to push even MY boundaries. I agree that it deserves a high pedestal among all works of music, as objective and assuming as that may be. Add to that the fact that Frank was SO amazingly intellectual and debated politics, governance, law, religion... you name it... with some of the great names and, IMHO, trash media interviewers, it saddens me that a man who only ever did one drug (tobacco) died from that one drug FAR too young. RIP, Frank. YOU had a Crystal Ball.

On a lighter note. I am delighted with my plan. Mum is 87 and not so well. She is saddened by the fact that she can't get me something for the big day. She is having a more than usual bad day today, so... I went shopping for birthday presents for Mum. I got 2 pairs of PJ pants, 6 pairs of HD socks and Kaspersky 2014 Pure 3.0. I put the items in one a them there gift bags what I got at the Dollar Store and covered it with the fancy white paper. I will take the bag to Mum's tomorrow AM and act real surprised like when I open up the bag and say things like "OMG! JUST WHAT I WANTED! HOW DID YOU KNOW?! AND SOCKS! AND KASPERSKY!!! I love you, Mum. Thanks." I hope she gets a laugh out of it.

Yesterday, as I usually do on her and my Bday and at Kissmeass, I gave her two dozen roses, white and red, a big hug and a 'thanks for looking after me' for, well, this year it will be 57 years and nine months. Hmmm... part of that should be 'putting up with me' I suppose.

Maybe not the right place to post this prattle but I think it's heartwarming and worth sharing with this scurvy lot of tars. Warms MY heart. If it don't warm yers... prepare to be boarded!

Yes, I am celebrating early. Why do you ask? Anyone coming over for BBQ style back ribs? I got a BIG pot boilin and the sauce is near done and there's lots of cold ales... well... a fair few left. >;-)