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Posted By: Bob Bolton
26-Aug-98 - 06:33 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: George Fox (Sydney Carter)
G'day all and Barbara,

I'm having difficulty making ABC/MIDI files work back in my computer. I thought the problem was in MusicTime but, now I finally have my own computer back from its traumatic upgrade, I find that my MIDI files from TextMIDI don't read as MIDI files in the MIDI player either. I will have to get on the telephone and discuss this with Alan, who lives about 20 kilometres west of here.

Anyway, so much for my MIDI problems; I just want to say that "Monk's March" (now I listen for the similarity, does have some relation to "Simple Gifts" but it doesn't sound like it when performed by Sydney Carter ... the treatment is so different.

I heard Sydney Carter in Canberra (7th Australian National Folk Festival)and Sydney, circa 1973 and had some correspondence about photographs at both events. Even with his simple presentation, with just a small drum and / or a few jingles on a cloth band to accompany himself rhythmically, he could vary speed and rhythm dramatically - showing what singing is all about when it doesn't hide behind loud instruments.

The range of tunes in his songs is actually very varied. I notice "Silver in the Stubble" mentioned,but think of tunes like "Port Mahon" and "Judas and Mary". Some of my old LPs of Sydney Carter have very diverse performers - I particularly loved a very rocky "Friday Morning" by Bob and Carol Pegg. I have 4 small song books of his and treasure the material therein.

If I remember correctly, I bought them from a Catholic Book Shop, which Sydney Carter recommended, at the time, as the best ecumenical bookshop in Sydney!


Bob Bolton