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Posted By: Janie
12-Feb-14 - 06:23 PM
Thread Name: Jane's Rainbow: for all needing support & comfort
Subject: RE: Jane's Rainbow: for all needing support & comfort
Isn't light wonderful, VT? Spring and blue skies will surely come again.

Glad you have some support and ideas re the situation with your brother, Wendy.

Not quite 30 years ago we were flooded - water waist deep in the living room. We cut down some rather large trees with axes to get them out of the way, then attached a come-along to the front axle of our truck on one end and tree higher up the slope on the other, and wenched the truck up the mountainside to keep it clear of the flood waters.   We had moved my car to higher ground at a friend's house up on the ridge before the flood, thinking the road might get covered and we might want to hike out a little further up on the slope, but never dreamed the water would actually reach the house or driveway which were well above the road. Two days later we rescued ourselves and our two large dogs by kayaking out through what were usually the woods well above the river. I shudder when I read the news reports and look at the photographs on the news services. What I most remember was my shock and the sense of unreality when we did get out, drove up onto the ridge at the top of the valley and realized the rest of the world wasn't flooded. My heart goes out to all across the pond dealing with this devastation.