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Posted By: Janie
22-Jan-14 - 11:17 PM
Thread Name: Jane's Rainbow: for all needing support & comfort
Subject: RE: Jane's Rainbow: for all needing support & comfort
Wendy, rocky coastline. You have the helm here with all crew on board. No foolproof course when it comes to all the complicated currents. Just know you are not sailing alone.

VT, I love how when a day, week, or even an evening bubbles up as an opportunity to celebrate, you do so. Also love your honesty when it is hard. Radical acceptance, eh?

Tommy home?

Nigel and Anne, slogging through gray waters and heavy swells, keep rowing. Keep sailing. You are not sailing alone even though your journey is your own.

Darlin' Sinsull - Wise Woman - Be strong as you need to be for yourself, and also come below whenever you like and feel comfortable doing so. Tea, coffee, a shot of scotch, or a good, ribald, sarcastic, a simple silly circle of love and laughter, or/and a serious and heartfelt touching of hearts. Whatever you need here awaits you. This is a ship where there is a little magic - magic happens when hearts are open.

This boat or flotilla has the wisdom and collective heart of many and offers what we need - connection and empathy. Not sympathy. Not being told how we ought to feel or think, not judged or admonished. Just a simple acknowledgment that life is full.... That a full life includes pain, fear, suffering, loss and confusion, nothing remarkable about that except that in each case, it is our own lives and the lives, fear, and decline and deaths of those we love, personally and up close. Sometime shocking, and sometimes not. But what all of us desire and strive for are full lives, and this ship - this flotilla, celebrates the fullness of life. All the resilient ways we find to accept and embrace what it means to live and to die. To love and rejoice and to suffer and fear. To just keep sailing on, knowing we are not alone.