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Posted By: billybob
21-Jan-14 - 06:04 PM
Thread Name: Jane's Rainbow: for all needing support & comfort
Subject: RE: Jane's Rainbow: for all needing support & comfort
Bless you all,

Have had a really horrid day, decided after a sleepless night to try and set my feelings of sadness and anger aside and have a cool head and think as clearly as possible.

Firstly I am pretty much sure that this lovely safe haven is, indeed ,safe and my brother will not come here. but I think he may see my face book page, where I said I thought I had found a Dictaphone that might have belonged to my grandson. Then my son commented that I had found it two years ago and sent it back in the post, I then made a joke about MI5!!This all before BB and I managed to work out how to use the darn thing and then listened to the recording. We are positive that it was placed there by my brother, after a lot of rustling noise his is the first voice you hear and it was   on Sunday evening, you hear him saying goodnight to mum and then the carer putting her to bed. It is voice activated and records for 72 hours.

Back to today, I have seen the police, who would arrest him and question him if I make an official complaint! As if I can do that, the ramifications are horrible?

The second option is for the family to confront him with: ok, we have found this, why would you do this? We are worried about you, we think you need help and we wish to facilitate this for you, if not we will have no option to go to the police and put it in their hands. My son and son in law are prepared to do this as we agree that Billy and I cannot do it.

I have had to inform the care company as they have a duty of care for their employees and if they choose to take action that is out of my control!

Tonight I had a phone call from him that was very out of character asking how I was and how Billy was, made me think he has seen my facebook page, normally he is not at all interested in our welfare, there has been a history of very irrational behaviour in the past.

I am sure he will not read this,but if he did he would see how much hurt and distress he has caused.

Rainbow crew, I love you all, thank you for being here and loving thoughts to you all, sorry to burden you with this stupid tale of woe, onward and upwards.....

With much love

( mum is sleeping soundly with her carer by her side, that's all that matters)