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Posted By: Richard Mellish
31-Dec-13 - 09:27 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Arrest of Parnell
Subject: Lyr Add: Arrest of Parnell
I was going to make this "Lyr Req:" but on second thoughts "Lyr Add:" seems better, as I do have MOST of them.

In the course of digitising and indexing some of my old quarter-inch tapes, I have been reminded of one song that I learnt, and have sung out, despite one line on the recording being drowned by laughter from the audience, and a suspicion that there might be another verse or two. This particular recording is a copy of one made by Edgar Ashton (now long deceased) at "Folksoc": Edinburgh University Folk Song Society. The singer was Hamish Henderson. Although I barely knew Hamish myself, I did meet him a few times, so I could and should have asked him about the missing line, but I never did.

Here's what I have. For my own singing I have tweaked a few words but this is as sung by Hamish.

Oh come all you noble patriots, that Ireland's woes deplore.
And I'll sing ye of a terrible song that ne'er was heard before.
Of all the British infamies, they (?) ne'er will be heard again,
How they threw the cream of Erin's Isle in dark Kilmainham Jail.

Oh it was the tyrant Gladstone, and he said unto himself,
"I never will rest easy till Parnell is on the shelf,
So I'll write the warrant out, me boys, and send it through the mail,
For to lock the pride of Erin's Isle in dark Kilmainham Jail."

So Buckshot (?) wrote the warrant out, and he buttoned up his coat,
And he caught the morning train from town, to catch the Kingstown boat.
The night was blowing wild, me boys, and he was feeling quare,
When ould Malin and his polis came to meet him at the pier.

Then soundly slept the patriot, for he was killed with work,
Haranguing of the multitudes in Limerick and Cork,
When Malin and his polis came and rang the front door bell
Disturbing of his slumbers in brave Morrison's hotel.

Then up and spake brave Morrison, "Get up, me boy, and run!
And bright in history's page shall shine the fame of Morrison.
For Malin and his polis are all standin' out before,
But I'll get up and let youse out right through the kitchen door."

Now sternly flashed the patriot's eye as he proudly answered "No!
'Twill never be said C.S.Parnell turned back before the foe.
'Twill never be said he ever flinched. And, furthermore," said he,
"Ould Malin has locked the kitchen door [words drowned by laughter*]"

So they came inside and bound him then, those minions of the Law.
'Twas Pat the Boots that saw it and he told me what he saw.
And divil a bit the patriot would stir one foot until
He had got his twenty-five percent reduction off the bill.

* The missing words can be filled in by something like "and thrown away the key" or "and I haven't another key", but I'd like to know what they really were.