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Posted By: maeve
20-Nov-13 - 06:03 PM
Thread Name: BS: 2013 Secret Santa tormenting can begin
Subject: RE: BS: 2013 Secret Santa tormenting can begin
Dear Maeve's meditative MidWinter Magus,

How wise of you to be so well prepared early in the season! It must be due to your many, many, many years of experience. I shall endeavor to behave in such a manner to make you proud.

By the bye- you said "I shall be posting one elf on permanent surveillance duties...". It is indeed thoughtful and meditative in the extreme for you to tell me, but I must say we have already spotted your little helper. I hesitate to ask... but did you not think it a mite extreme to have him appear in the form of a weasel? Dancing around between the chicken coop and the stone wall in broad daylight with the bantams out and about, and wearing a white coat when the grass is still green... It does make one wonder. He is welcome to munch on voles, but not the chickens.

Anyroad, I thank you for your efficient and thoughtful efforts.