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Posted By: Bat Goddess
12-Nov-13 - 07:23 PM
Thread Name: Curmudgeon In Hospice - [update 13 November]
Subject: RE: Curmudgeon In Hospital - Nov 2013 [update 7 Nov]
It is, truly, one day at a time.

On my way over to the hospital this morning, I swung past Hyder Family Hospice Home in Dover...and then met with the liaison today. She's a wonderful person who is so very much in the best possible job for her. Tom and I had a grand time talking to her while we worked out a game plan, signed papers (ach! bureaucracies!) and stuff. And, it turns out, she used to work with our nurse-practitioner friend Rita Pomerleau in another life. (Before she met with us, Sue had read the article on Tom from last September - Ode to Tom Hall and forwarded it to others at the hospice -- and Rita was quoted in the article.)

So...tomorrow morning, Tom will be moved to Hyder House where he will stay for as long as necessary. The game plan is for Tom to come home at some he can die at home in the familiar surroundings of the house that he built, with me and the cats and friends and music...

I keep feeling as if there are people I'm forgetting to tell...believe it or not, there are friends who seldom check Mudcat...or even seldom check Facebook. Some people I actually have to CALL rather than email...;-)

Well, that's today -- I've pretty much got stuff updated here and I've eaten supper and will go upstairs and call another friend in another time zone. And pet the cats. And have another glass of wine, elderberry this time, made by a friend which makes it even better than the fine wine it is.

Tom and I are very very rich in friends. Thank you all so much for being here with us.